Introducing Merrill Anderson

If you’re frustrated with the governance of the great state of Minnesota, you’re not alone.

Merrill Anderson is here not only to run for governor of Minnesota, but he is here to run for you, to break the stranglehold of machine politics and career politicians who are unable to understand the needs of all Minnesota citizens.

Born and raised right here in Minnesota, Merrill studied at both Minnehaha Academy and Washburn High School. After a brief time at Augsburg College, Merrill decided it was time to serve his country. A graduate in Chinese from the Army Language School and the United States Armed Forces Institute, and training in interrogation techniques from the National Security Agency,  Merrill went on to work in the Army Security Agency (later INSCOM) as a Mandarin interpreter.  Merrill is a man of many hats, continuing to educate himself at Chinese Lutheran Seminary, Honeywell (in supply chain management, the Alexander Hamilton Institute, Antioch Communiversity (in both criminal justice and non-profit management), and the Coldwell Banker Burnett Real Estate School.

Merrill took his array of knowledge and applied it, working hard for first the ASA from 1956-1959, then moving on to Great Ideas Project in 1961. Working in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and both the Dakotas, Merrill trained, managed and provided field supervision in the marketing of copyrighted educational systems. 

In 1962, Merrill moved to the Honeywell Ordnance Division headquartered in Hopkins, Minnesota. There, as a facilitator in supply chain management (specifically armament manufacturing), and later as a policy and procedure developer for the engineering sector, Merrill focused on doing the best job he possibly could. The United States Government found Merrill so trustworthy, they granted him Secret Clearances to do his classified work at the ASA and Honeywell.

In 1965, Merrill founded Merrill Anderson & Associates, a public relations firm that served the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area for 39 years. The company specialized in community relations, non profit development and fundraising, as well as legislative liaison for corporate and community groups   

Merrill didn’t stop there. In 1971, Merrill founded Reachout, Inc., a non-profit social service agency headquartered at 5th and East Lake Street in Minneapolis. Merrill started Reachout to provide a self-sufficient support system--operating without public funds--providing intervention services to individuals and families in crisis. Their headquarters housed a counseling center, a workshop and a thrift store that received public donations of clothing and goods (which was the sole source of support for the organization). Merrill’s enterprise  helped provide direct employment, crisis intervention, counseling, job training and placement, housing, as well as personal needs like clothing and furniture to thousands of individuals and families. As CEO and President, Merrill guided Reachout, Inc. through nearly 33 years of success.

If Merrill’s service to our country, his business experience, and his unfailing work ethic haven’t convinced you yet, then listen to what Merrill has to say:

Despite trillions of dollars poured into the national “War on Drugs,” the perpetuation of dysfunctional Great Society legislation, the Model Cities Program, the National Defense Highway Program, other local, state, and federal initiatives, Minnesotans are still suffering. Drug use is on an upward trend again. Core cities nationally are losing population fast. Community relations are worse than ever. Jobs, despite the machinations of current leaders in Minnesota, are like hen’s teeth--impossible to find. Worse, our education system is not preparing our children for the future. And still our politicians, like dragons eating their own tails, keep eating up more and more money from the taxpayers, with the people who are in need getting the leftovers and the dregs.

I was born in Minneapolis 7 decades ago. I've been on scene long enough to remember when we kept up infrastructure and planned well for needed expansions in the state. I remember a Minnesota which got its streets and highways plowed curb to curb every winter and where the potholes were patched each spring and roads in need were repaved as required. We weren't sending so much money to Washington then and standing hat in hand begging for bits and pieces to come back.

Unlike the current Governor, Mark Dayton, or any other candidate in the running for this great office, I believe I can knit together all the wonderfully disparate elements that go into building and maintaining a great state and good jobs for all who wish to work..

If you’d like to shake up the powers that be and think a fresh gubernatorial team might be just the thing to make Minnesota great, then be on my side so I can be on yours.

Vote for me, Merrill Anderson. When I say what I’ll do, I’ll do what I say


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