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Minnehaha Academy
Augsburg ( briefly )
Army Language School ( Chinese )
ASA/NSA ( Interrogation /Field Communications )
Chinese Lutheran Seminary ( monitered )
Honeywell ( Supply Chain Management) )
Alexander Hamilton Institute
Antioch Communiversity ( Criminal Justice & Non Profit Management )
Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Army Security Agency
Merrill Anderson Associates ( Management/Public Relations )



President & CEO

June 1971 – April 2004 (32 years 11 months)
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area
Founder, Developer and Director of Non Profit Social Service Agency headqurtered in 44,000 sq. ft. facility at 5th & East Lake Street in Minneaplis, operating from 1971 through 2004. The agency was set up to provide a self sufficient support system, operating without public funds while providing intervention services to individuals and families in crisis. The headquarters building housed counseling, workshop and retail areas...with a Thrift Store receiving public donations of clothing, goods and furniture acting as the economic engine....the sole source of support for the enterprise. Client loading involved approximately 3000 transactions annually...providing direct employment, crisis intervention, counseling, job training and placement, personal needs such as clothing and furniture, temporary housing...or some combination of these services.

President & CEO

April 1965 – April 2004 (39 years 1 month)
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Public Relations Consultant specializing in:
Community Relations - Community Development - Fundraising
Municipal, County, State and National Legislative Liaison, Election Campaigns

Under this umbrella also served as:

Executicve Vice President - Consumers, Counsel, Inc.
Community Relations Director - Naegele Outdoor Advertising
Public Relations Director - Minnesota Professional DriverTraining Association
President - Twin City Diving School
President & CEO - Reachout, Inc. ( Minneapolis Metro Social Service Agency )

Managment Systems Analyst

1962 – 1965 (3 years)
Hopkins, Minnesota
Facilitator in Supply Chain Managment - Armament Manufacturing, graduated to developing Policy and Procedure for the Engineering Sector of the Ordnance Division.
Secret Clearances required, precise job functions classified.

Assistant Divisional Manager

1961 – 1962 (1 year )
5 State Area, MN, WI, IA, NoDak, SoDak
Motivated, Trained, Managed and provided Field Supervision in Marketing of Copyrighted Educational System.

Interpreter, Chinese Mandarin

1956 – 1959 (3 years)
Monterey, California and Far East





I'm going to try to pull off a kind of cybermiracle, using the internet to get my message across to overcome what I consider the bias of our state media outlets in favor of career politicians.

A major reason I am running is to try, in the State of Minnesota at least, to break the stranglehold that machine politics have had on the majority of "cities of the first class" across the country, to all our disadvantage and for far too long. Controlling the vote in those population centers often propels candidates into statewide Constitutional offices who are unwilling ot unable to understand the interests and needs of citizens who live and work beyond the urban borders..

Despite the War on Drugs, Great Society, Model Cities Program, the National Defense Highway Program, generations of bloc grants....trillions of dollars poured into these and a multitude of other Federal, State and Local Education initiatives.....Drug use is trending up again, core cities are losing population relations are worse than are like hens just can't find them...and our education system is dumbing down our kids...not preparing them for the future. And the Political Machines, like dragons eating their own tails, keep eating up more and more money from the taxpayers...with the people who are in need getting the leftovers, the dregs.

I was born in Minneapolis 7 decades ago. I've been on scene long enough to remember when we kept up infrastructure and planned well for needed expansions. I remember a Minnesota which got it's streets and highways plowed curb to curb every winter and where the potholes were patched each spring and roads in need were repaved as required. We weren't sending so much money to Washington then and standing hat in hand begging for bits and pieces to come back.

I believe I can knit together all the wonderfully disparate elements that go into building and maintaining a great state and good jobs for all who wish to work..

If it tickles your funny bone at all to shake up the powers that be....and think a fresh Governor's team might be just the thing...then be one of my Volunteers...get on your computer and SHARE this site with every friend you can think of. .

Let's give the political pros and pundits something to chew on for the next few decades....and make some history!

....Vote for Me....When I say what I'll do...I'll do what I say!

To those already helping....Thank You and God Bless....




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