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By now you have heard so much from so many sides on so many "issues" you probably feel somewhat frustrated at the  obvious attempts by interest groups to win you to their position by "any means necessary" try to "scare" folks into voting for their candidates. 

I'm and old guy.  I've seen a lot of elections come and go....but I've never seen one where there was ONE MAJOR ISSUE so clearly delineated. 


During the Obama administration, the radicals in the party were successful at gaining full control over the Democrats political machinery, the #DNC, which is now "run" by Hard Left Tom Perez and his Socialist sidekick, Keith Ellison (who favors Open Borders, Antifa, Sharia Law, is funded by George Soros and wants to be Minnesota's next Attorney General). 

Voting patterns among our current Minnesota Senatorial delegation (Klobuchar and Smith) show them to closely follow the dictates of the Democrat "leadership" as embodied in leftists Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. 

Their beliefs and actions are a long way from the beliefs of and are not favorable to the interests of Minnesota middle Americans. 

Their performance and their loyalty to a globalist (NWO) rather than a Minnesota based agenda creates a stark choice. 

 We can vote for the status quo, for a cabal of, for and by Internationalists, or, we can take back our government by voting for good, just and proper representation under the rule of law.

If you vote Democrat this time, you're voting for Socialism, plain and simple. 

If you vote Republican, we have a fighting chance to preserve our fundamental rights and values. 

I'll be voting a straight Republican ticket.

How about you?



Candidate's View: Trump needs help clearing the D.C. swamp

Merrill Anderson

Merrill Anderson

....Duluth hosts President Donald Trump and one of his increasingly popular and effective (no matter how the mainstream press might spin it) rallies to gin up his base and reach uncommitted voters in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District.

This rare visit to Minnesota's North Country by a major Republican officeholder should have had the great port of Duluth, Iron Range businesses and workers, tourists, the sports-oriented community, and our farmers sitting up and taking notice.

After effectively handing certain parts of Minnesota (and the nation) to the hard left, a Republican establishment grown weak is now rightly challenged by a genuine people's champion — one who speaks plain English, cutting through the fog of the liberal linguistic legerdemain and exposing the lies inherent in the politically correct narratives concocted and repeated by the mainstream media to divert and confuse we the "masses."

Americans are waking up and reading between the lines.

Voters are individuals, not just part of a crowd.

All are coming to understand that Trump as president is the best thing to happen to the country since Presidents Dwight Eisenhower or John F. Kennedy. Those are the last two presidents who truly understood and were willing to stand up to a federal alphabet agency bureaucracy which seems to want to be a fourth branch of government and which will sell out the American people and the constitutionally mandated executive, legislative, and executive branches to build power and control.

Backing off the Soros/Obama/Hillary globalist cartel and its partnerships with the alphabet-agency "Deep State" while putting America first is a mission statement I fully endorse and embrace. I've been waiting and praying for a president like Donald Trump ever since JFK. For the sake of my great grandchildren, I thank President Trump.

I am running for U.S. Senate to represent Minnesota. If the people see fit to give me the job, I hope to be of some help in clearing the D.C. swamp of the corrupt and conniving ghost government of the administration of President Barack Obama, pushing back against what is factually and actually a communist- and socialist-backed "resistance."

Merrill Anderson of Excelsior, Minn., is one of four Republican candidates from Minnesota on the Aug. 14 primary-election ballot for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Amy Klobuchar.


(from the Minnesota Governor's race,  Election 2014)

Candidate's view: Anderson: We need to fix weak leadership

By Merrill Anderson on Jul 27, 2014 at 10:19 p.m.


We are in need of a strong governor who is willing, able and unafraid to protect and advocate for individual Minnesotans and their rights and freedoms as guaranteed under the U.S. and Minnesota constitutions. That kind of positioning would, of course, put him or her directly at odds with our current governor’s stands, which are built around blind obedience to the Democratic Party line propagated by political hacks out of Washington.

Consequently, we have damaged our health care and insurance systems (a sixteenth of our nation’s economy) with the complex, cumbersome, expensive and failing Obamacare and MNsure apparatuses. We have the slowest recovery from a recession and the lowest labor participation rate nationally since the Great Depression.

Minnesota government figures may paint a rosy picture, but it is belied by pockets of structural unemployment as high as 15 percent in our urban cores; among minorities, college graduates and Iron Rangers; and in the lumber, mining, agriculture and recreation industries.

Unprecedented high taxes nationally and in Minnesota have lost us 50 major corporate employers in the past decade. Medtronic was the most recent. The health, welfare, safety and prosperity of Minnesotans are inextricably tied to our national and international policies.

Standing for the state of Minnesota and its citizens’ interest requires the governor to speak out on key issues such as immigration, the Keystone XL pipeline, and the performances of not only the Minnesota Legislature but the national administration and its adjunct agencies, including the EPA, IRS, NSA and BLM.

Like our president, I have community-organizing experience. But mine was dedicated to building on historical positives rather than on tearing down a functioning society to replace it with an unproven, centrally planned and controlled government that reaches into the lives and the pocketbooks of every citizen.

We’re Americans. We fix things. Help me fix this. Vote for Merrill Anderson for governor and Mark Anderson for lieutenant governor on Aug. 12. We are the father-and-son military-veteran team who knows how to get things done.

Merrill Anderson is a Republican candidate for governor in the Aug. 12 primary election. Learn more at







Discrimination Based on Age is Unacceptable.


Border Security is Being Degraded.  Why?


Minnesota has high numbers of H. S. graduates plus top scores on ollege and Military entrance exams but a deep differential exists in core city school results.




Minnesota's municipal police and fire staffing do not meet national standards.


Individual Citizens Have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms


Minnesota, and the nation, have an infrasturcture badly in need of update and repair.  Sewer, water and gas pipelines are in need of replacement after well more than 100 years of use under high pressures and the effects of geological shifts.  We are using bridges beyond the designed lifetimes. We are using rail systems to transport crude oil trains hauling over a hndred tankars each, endangering large urban centers with the close passage of explosive pollutants in outdated questionably safe containers. (  The XL pipeline and similar oil and gas transit systems are cleaner and safer. )   These problems present us with tremendous opportunity for federal, state and local governments to issue Amerian  owned companies contracts to bring us up to date in these critical areas, simultaneously employing thousands of workers  and generating hundreds of business opportunities across the nation.  My thinking is that it should be an operant credo to contract with American contractors, workers and unions to get the country back in shape.  Currently we are diverting large bridge contracts to the Chinesee,, we have  a huge solar plant in the desert SW being built and maintained by Spanish interests  (  who are importing laborers from Spain to do jobs we could do ) and recently another candidate for Governor of Minnesota suggested that we could buy steel for the XL pipeline from China " if it was cheaper " . (  Bad thinking, we have the capacity to produce higher quality pipes in the U.S. with our own steel.  Even if the price were slightly higher, the recirculation of the production dollars through U.S. wages and through our own economic  system instead of creating a cash flow back to China would improve our economy more  in the long view. )  I would like the Governor's office to act as a catalyst to get these kind of projects moving, both at the state and the national level.  It might provide the boost we need to  shake us loose from our current ecomonic stagflation



Federal, State, County & Municipal treasuries nationwide are easy pickings due to loose controls & corrupt politicians.



Increasingly, as our bureaucracy grows, free speech and free association and assembly by those who are critical of government overgrowth and overcontrol are looked at as nuisances by certain sectors of both major political parties. 

Our modest effort to encourage discussion and the legitimate exercise of these rights is refelected in our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter at:!/MerrillAndersonforMayorofMinneapolis?fref=ts


You are more than welcome to join  in.



There should be no rush to rejoin the Paris accords.

They were based on false information and a worldwide series of scientific and political scams….most of which were successful only in the measure of how much money they could suck out of Western treasuries and redistribute to third world countries, with a whole lot of “brokers” making dirty dollars on the movement and laundering of the funds.

Al Gore grew rich with the advent of “carbon trading”.

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