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Americans are not easily fooled. Right now, the only ones saying the economy is in good shape are people connected to the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. Government figures continue to tell us unemployment is going down while the number of able-bodied workers with a job is falling precipitously.


The bureaucracy in Washington stops counting those who have lost hope and stopped looking for work, which makes the government look great on paper and terrible in reality. Merrill is committed to putting Minnesotans back to work and to give back hope to those who have given up looking for a job.

Unfortunately, Minnesota has made both small business and job growth difficult in the last few years. Though Minnesota has a unique mix of highly intelligent workers, good nmbers of small business startups historically and the highest per capita location of Fortune 500 companies in the country, impossibly high taxes are making it harder and harder to sustain a business here. In fact the last measured year shows Minnesota came in dead last in new business startups against all 50 states. 

Merrill is determined to stop strangling the businesses that make Minnesota great.

While perception isn’t everything, Merrill sees the outside world’s perception of Minnesota as key to attracting new businesses and individuals to improve the state economy. By promoting a holistic view of Minnesota as a safe, supportive place to start a family and a business, Merrill will bring jobs back home to the people who need them most. 

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