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If our government is really concerned about out of country or "global'' influences in our elections they probably need look no further than George Soros and his groups, who are much more representative of the "New World Order: who's propagators are not looking to serve U.S. national interests but are often at odds with the wishes of the American people and with our rule of law under the Constitution.  Case in point:  The clear connections between the following cabal of political players, all now showing brightly in our news feeds:

Soros' NWO Globalists, Muslim Brotherhood's CAIR-HAMAS, Linda Sarsour, Rashida Talib, Keith Ellison & Ilian Omar.

COLLUSION?  I would suggest the closely linked groups and individuals above do more to conspire against American interests, the Constitution and our rule of law each single day than Donald Trump has done in his lifetime....or ever will do. 

"Investigations" which have been run against Trump are largely "False Flag" operations designed to divert our attention from high crimes and misdemeanors by the "in" crowd I often refer to as the Soros - Obama - Hillary Cabal and  among our elected officials and their fellow travelers in a highly politicized and weaponized bureaucracy.

Where the Hell are the American heroes who are going to put o n their stable boots, get their pitchforks and clean the offal out of the People's House and the system it is supposed to oversee?

Committee to Elect Merrill Anderson
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