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In crowd sizes not seen in 20 years, #Farmers heard from #Minnesota Governor candidates at #FarmFest2018. #Tariffs were on the agenda, as well as feelings that farmers were under-represented by politicians in favor of urban constituencies.

Merrill Anderson for Senator, Minnesota, watching the #FarmFest debate on #WCCO TV, referenced his and his wife's families farming histories and indicated his office would be "farmer friendly", should he be chosen in the August 14th #Republican Primary and beat #AmyKlobuchar in November.

Farmers and Agribusiness tend to get overlooked by the political class, because their numbers, and their votes, are small compared to the general population. What the politicos forget, Anderson said, is that farming is the very foundation of the Minnesota #economy.

Anderson also restated his interest in re-invigorating the viability of the family farm as a workable business enterprise and opportunity for next generations.

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