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by Merrill Anderson, Candidate for U.S. Senator, Minnesota


During the development of Black Lives Matter and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, I found it of interest that DeRay McKesson, a chief BLM strategist, was commuting between Minneapolis and Ferfuson...he caught my attention because of the sheer volume of his social media "tweeting".. suggesting to me he was getting help from Twitter and or Google directly....and had access to some heavyweight digital tools.....POSSIBLY in the Minneapolis Schools, where he worked.

If I'm elected Senator, I would emcpurage the Inspector General of the U.S. have a look at whether federal grant money, facilities equipment has been used to foment crimes against the people and their local, state and federal governments.. AND, whether this represents a general pattern, using the people's own money to change their form of government without representation.

I made a request to Democrat Rebecca Otto, the Minnesota State Auditor to investigate McKesson's divided interests while he was employed with the Minneapolis Schools, but she demurred, said I would have to investigate it and bring her the findings.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources to do that,  so the matter lies fallow.


Letter to a publication, June 22, 2015 at 8:03 pm 

A hint of how the population in Ferguson, Baltimore and other flash points have been brought to, and kept at the boiling point….accounting for the sharp statistical increases in property damages, personal injury and homicides….is to note and understand that we now have ” professional ” community organizers operating with motives that go far beyond the health and welfare of the targeted community.

One such organizer works out of Minneapolis….I wrote this to Judicial Watch in re his activity today…..


As an old political warhorse, I am familiar with the generation of patronage ” jobs ” within the bureaucracies to reward political activists and donors and to support political hacks of all stripes.

Good people in the City of Charleston have asked a Minneapolis based activist, DeRay McKesson to leave town, since McKesson is there to stoke racial division and unrest in his capacity as a ” Community Organizer ” and one of the key communicators and networkers associated with ” Black Lives Matter ” protests ( and riots ) countrywide. 

My concern is that he may be, directly or indirectly, supporting his organizing activities with taxpayer dollars using physical space, digital communication and travel facilities and resources available to him per his position as Director of Human Capital for the Minneapolis Public Schools….making his efforts to change and/or manage the political and social environments in varied communities something which is being funded by the taxpayers and voters without their knowledge or approval…against their will. 

Whether or not the use of public resources is involved, someone should be reigning in the organizing activity ( incitement to riot? ) of this hyper involved individual….his email and social media records would give the public ( and the concerned authorities ) a pretty clear trail of the death and destruction which has followed in the wake of the Ferguson fiasco and how the recurring patterns was set and reset in city after city.

I have ” twittered ” Minnesota State Auditor ” Rebecca Otto in re the Public School diversion of resources concern…but doubt that there will be follow through, because the same Democrat cabal which provides McKesson with his current employment also controls Ms. Otto.


To- #MNAuditor @RebeccaOtto: Has Director, Human Capital for #Mpls. Schools used public resources in this?…
5:22 AM – 22 Jun 2015.
Your interest would be appreciated. If you do begin researching this gentleman, I’m sure it will lead you in some very interesting directions.


Merrill Anderson

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